PGA Professional Jerry Heard has moved his Golf Academy to Brooksville, Florida.
Learn the Heard Super Swing taught by Jerry himself.

According to Jerry he developed the Heard Super Swing because he felt that traditional golf instruction wasn't getting the job done. Jerry had always accepted the traditional swing as the one and only way to play golf, until he was struck by lightning while playing in a tournament. His injured back got very bad and he looked for an easier way to play.

He developed the Heard Super Swing because it was an easier and better way to play golf. Over the years he says he has witnessed many a beginner golfer learn to hit beautiful shots in less than a day. The Heard Super Swing Works. Anyone can learn the swing in a minimum of time. It will stand up under pressure and allow a golfer to hit pinpoint accurate shots. Why spend hours practicing the traditional swing and still being embarrassed when you go to play with your friends? Learn the simple, easy and fun way to play golf!

Academies are held three to four times per year and is located at Silverthorn Country Club in Brooksville, Florida (approximately 40 miles north of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.)

Go to Silverthorn Country Club's web site for scheduled dates, fees and directions,
or e-mail Jerry at

For information on ordering the Heard Super Swing book and videotape, call (800) 777-9876.

Come Join the Fun.